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Sometimes People Get Sick January 26, 2011

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Dear Baby Girl,

I want you to know that sometimes people get sick.

Being sick is a fact, reality and part of life. It just happens. Your Nana will get sick. Your Momma will get sick. Both you and Baby Brother, at times, will get sick. It will probably suck. Sometimes, it can be scary (especially if the person sick is me or your Nana). It can be confusing when you are so young. But, usually and generally, it is and will be okay. Being sick happens.

Like I said, you will get sick over the years. It happens. I am sorry because it will not be fun, but it happens. Do not be afraid to admit that you hurt or be afraid to talk to someone if you think something is wrong or if you think you are sick. There are people that can help — there are people whose job it is to help.

Being sick isn’t always a physical feeling or physical symptoms. Sometimes it can be in your mind. If you think you are feeling or thinking things you should not, tell me. Or, if for some reason you are uncomfortable telling me (I’m your Mommy, I do understand and I do understand that it can be hard to talk to Mommy sometimes when you get older), tell someone — your Nana, your Grandma, your Gigi, a teacher, anyone at church — any adult. They will be able to help you or bring you to someone who can help you.

Do not try to “fix” it yourself. Do not try to be bigger than the sickness. Do not try to ignore it. It might just get worse and that’s not good. Take care of it before it gets unruly.

Now, I hate going into this part, but I have to: there may come a time when someone in your life gets sick in a way that really isn’t curable. It happens to many people, all ages, all everything. It can be scary. It can be frightening. It can be very and extremely hard.

If it happens, it will suck.

If it happens, please do not be afraid to talk to me, Gigi, Grandma, or Nan. We’ve all been there. We lost your Grandaddy to a disease that nobody could fix. Hopefully, before it hits you in any way, we will be able to cure anybody and everybody of anything and everything. But there’s no guarantee of that. I will be there to listen. I will be there to hug you. I will be there for you to scream at because, if it happens, you will be angry. I will understand, I will hug you, I will listen and I will still love you.

Please don’t ignore being sick. It’s never a good idea. (Trust me on that one.) If you ever even just feel “off”, feel free to tell me. It’s probably your body trying to tell you sometime, to show you something it needs — even if that “need” is just rest.




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