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Weight is Just a Number January 14, 2011

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Dear Baby Girl,

I want you to know weight is just a number.

This is an important one, Baby Girl, so I want you to be sure to remember it.

You are, at the moment, and most likely always will be, a rather small girl. There is nothing wrong with that. Baby Brother is probably going to pass you, both in height and weight, before I know it and, again, that is okay. There is nothing wrong with being petite.

However, I want you to always remember that there is no “perfect” weight. You are female and, as much as I hate to admit it and wish it on you, you will be subjected to society’s idea of the “perfect” woman — some super skinny model who isn’t healthy and has a body that isn’t realistic for any normal person, both in height and weight. Dollars to doughnuts, that model’s doctor isn’t happy with her “numbers”, because I guarantee you she isn’t as healthy as she could be.

As long as you are healthy — meaning a doctor says you are healthy — the specific number of your weight and height should not, and do not, matter. Do not kill yourself trying to be the smallest size. Do not let a number rule your like and what you eat. Don’t be afraid of scales. Or food for that matter.

Food is your friend — even fried or sweet or fattening. It’s all about moderation, portion sizes and good choices. Don’t deny yourself some food you want just because you “shouldn’t” eat it — you’ll just eat around the craving and end up munching down more than if you’d just allowed yourself that small piece of cake or a small serving of french fries. It’s not about denying yourself foods; it’s about portion sizes and balanced diets.

On that note, don’t trust restaurant “portions”. There is nothing wrong with not clearing your plate at a restaurant. In fact, most places, you really shouldn’t. So many restaurants give you more food and more calories in “one” meal than you should ever eat in a day. Restaurant meals are meant to be used as left overs! Also, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask if you can order a smaller portion, or even from the kids menu. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to eat that much food.

Listen to your body. It will tell you when it is full. Once you’ve eaten your meal, wait for five minutes to see if you really want seconds. If you’re still hungry, eat more.

Don’t force yourself to eat at specific times. There is nothing wrong with just eating when you’re hungry and not eating when you aren’t hungry.

Don’t eat just because the food is there.

It’s not hard to eat healthy. You can eat anything you want, Baby Girl, and (assuming you aren’t deathly allergic to it or anything) it won’t hurt you. It’s all about portion and moderation. (But seriously, don’t forget to eat your vegetables; they are good for you. No, french fried are not really a vegetable. And candy apples don’t count as a fruit.)




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