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Snow Rocks January 10, 2011

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Dear Baby Girl,

I want you to know snow rocks.

Okay, so this letter isn’t as serious as some of those I’ve written you, but they can’t all be heart to heart serious discussions, now can they? They world isn’t all serious all the time — sometimes it’s good to get out and just have some fun.

In the snow.

It’s amazing, even now at almost thirty, with no school aged children and no reason to be excited about it since I’m between jobs, I am wonderfully giddy about the idea of (and the reality of this particular night) snow days. Something about snow just makes me happy.

It’s so white and clean and makes the world look so beautiful and peaceful and perfect, even if just for a little while. There is nothing better than sitting in a window and watching snow fall on already white landscape. It’s just plain fun.

As are snow angels and snowmen and all the other wonderful things you can do int he snow that don’t quite work with any other substance known to man. It’s just not the same.

Snow will, most likely, be an anomaly in your life, as we don’t get it much here in Georgia. There is a possibility that, at some point, we might live somewhere that gets much more snow, to the point that Mommy won’t get as excited about it, and it might not mean the automatic cancellation of school, and it might even get to just be a part of life.

But I hope you always love it and can always go to sleep on that wish and prayer of the all wonderful “Snow Day”.




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